Top 10 Things to know about Adventure Walks (*during pandemic)
  1. *Please make sure your children do not have a fever before attending an Adventure Walkers sponsored event.

  2. All staff are required to wear face masks. Given adequate physical distance (and this is most of the time), there will be mask breaks. 

  3. Camp times are 9:30-12:30 unless otherwise posted. There is a 9:00-9:30 free drop off period for 2021 Summer Camps.

  4. Shoes? We recommend old tennis shoes, rain boots, or water shoes. Feet will often get wet and muddy. Children often want to go barefoot on our walks. We love the many benefits of walking barefoot. Our general policy is that if you can't see wear you are stepping then you need to wear feet coverings. We also respect the families decision regarding this so please let us know if you have a policy. 

  5. Pack a light snack and lunch. Please pack snack and lunch seperately as will we typically not carry lunch with us but will eat at drop off point. *Kids will be asked to separate themselves where appropriate (it's pretty easy out in the great outdoors).

  6. No sugary juices please!!! They attract mini-beasts like yellow jackets.

  7. At least one cell phone number for easy contact is required.

  8. In case of high likelihood of extreme weather, (e.g., thunderstorms or high wind) we will meet at an agreed upon location for the week.

  9. Please pack a thermos of cold water for drinking.

  10. We will be in forests and creeks, dress as your family deems appropriate. We get all manner of dress. But your kids will likely get wet and muddy.

  11. Change of clothes not required. "it will dry" is one of our most frequently said things.

  12. I'm sure we forgot something, feel free to ask. jim@adventurewalkersrva.com or call Business Landline: (804) 378-7256 .