Since 2014, Adventure Walkers has been taking kids into the wild all over the Richmond area. Jim McCullough, founder and leader of our expeditions, is an experienced early childhood educator as well as an avid outdoorsman. Adventure walkers is a fun way for your children to be social, to explore our natural world and to play!


We offer single-day walks, or week-long adventures (roughly 3-5 hours/day). Our target age range is K-5, with some preschool offerings. We also offer a middle school aged counselor-AT-training program, the jcATs! And High School students have the opportunity to volunteer for service hours (ask your school to include Adventure Walkers on their volunteer list). 


All walks are fully staffed.


"One of our favorite moments of the day was when all the kids gathered around the fire and Jim told a story that his grandfather used to tell him when he was a child. Kids as young as five and six shushed each other to hear it, and it was the perfect complement to the campfire and the cups of hot chocolate that Adventure Walkers provided.​

-Becky Bikowski

Larus Park

Imaginations run wild in this "100 Acre Woods" of a forest. A city park on the chesterfield County line, Larus was the birthplace of our motto "celebrating the lost art of stopping". From tiny creeks, to huge rocks to large mounds of dirt, Larus is a wonderful shady spot to play for a day or a week. Preschool and up

Reedy Creek


Birthplace of our motto, "Adventure Walkers exist between the concrete and the imagination", the lower Reedy boasts an ankle deep stream, deep water holes, and concrete tunnels which stir the imaginer and explorer alike. And that is just the first 200 feet of this creek. Also, we never tell about the secret tunnel to the train track, but it is usually found. Ages 5 and up.

James River Park System


Too vast to explore in a day or a week, Adventure Walkers picks the untouched corners in the channels to explore and play in the currents. Floating in the currents and sitting in the tiny rapids has never felt so alive. And we are always in water that even the young ones can stand up in. 5 and up.

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